After Sunday dinner…



The CAT sat on the mat

A wise man once said that you should be careful what you wish for. I think the idea behind this warning is that you might actually receive your wish, only to instantly regret it, as might be the case if you were suffering from mild embarrassment and idly wished for the ground to open up and swallow you. Get the idea?

You should, as we have just  discovered, also be careful what you order from glossy catalogues. And here’s why:

Earlier this week we ordered a new doormat from a catalogue. The picture of the doormat showed a picture of a happy feline with the caption ‘A spoilt cat lives here’. We also decided to order one for my Mum and Dad as a fun present, as they  are also keen on cats. (Though whether cats are keen on them is another question…)

The cat doormats arrived today just after lunchtime in what seemed like a rather large box for such relatively small items. We soon found out why. Some great nelly at the catalogue’s dispatch centre had sent us not a pair of cat doomats, but…

…a pair of size ten CAT  boots! CAT, if you didn’t know, is a leading brand of high quality workwear. I actually already have a couple of pairs of CAT thermal socks, but I don’t need any boots to go with them. And Smoky, our own cat, also doesn’t need any boots, as they probably weigh more than he does. And besides, being a three-legged kitty he would need one-and-a-half pairs rather than just one pair of boots.

We have arranged to return the boots and have reordered the doormats. Let’s hope we get the correct items next time.

Oh, and as another wise man (ie, me) said: ‘You just can’t get the staff, can you!’