Octagonal Flower

This post has moved to https://chrisandshanascraftshack.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/octagonal-flower/


9 thoughts on “Octagonal Flower

      1. The Borg

        epic LOLZ!
        well…I’m a pearler I couldn’t possibly hook.
        Is this a knitting blog as well? I forgot how to start off and I’m looking at my lovely wool and needles. I have giant 10mm needles…what can I do with those? My 5.5mm needles broke in half in a move and so all I got is the giants.
        Can you think of something to do with giant needles for a beginner?


        1. Have you checked out Ravelry? There’s some wonderful people over there and loads of ideas and free patterns, http://www.ravelry.com/

          I haven’t knitted anything for years, eventually this blog will cover all the craftwork I can do, knitting, macrame, cross stitch, beading etc., but for now, I’m hooked on being a hooker!!


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