Happy birthday to Ezra

Ezra our inflatable skeleton

It’s Hallowe’en. Which means it’s Ezra’s birthday again. If you’ve never heard of him before, here’s the lowdown: we bought this charming inflatable skeleton from a local ‘pound shop’–which is why he’s called Ezra. (After the poet Ezra Pound, of course.)

That was 10 years ago today. We reckon there can’t be many like him around. Ezra himself thinks he knows the secret of long life: eat plenty of cake, don’t smoke (especially if you’re made of rubber), and keep away from sharp objects. This last rule is why he only eats safe food like sponge cake or jelly, and steers well clear of posh buffet where they serve little morsels of cheese on the end of that potentially lethal weapon, the cocktail stick.

The above pic was taken three years ago, when Ezra was eight. Look out for his tenth birthday celebration photo later.

Meanwhile, as it is Hallowe’en, Ezra would like to say a quick word to all his fans:



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