The inflatable sofa

Ezra isn’t the only inflatable we’ve owned over the years. When our sofa became unsittable on due to a lethal metal bar in the back, we bought an inflatable sofa, one of my seriously stupid ideas, but it was all we could afford. It was almost impossible to sit on, and even harder to get up from.

Thankfully we eventually found the sofa we still have in a secondhand shop, it’s an antique and we picked it up for £75 including a chair, which has long gone because it was too small to sit in comfortably. I say antique because it’s an old-fashioned one with a wooden frame and horsehair instead of cheap foam, but you need a forklift to pick it up, it’s seriously heavy!

The sofa is the one Ezra is sitting on in his birthday photo, it’s only a 2-seater, and one of those seats belongs to Smoky, I don’t think the inflatable sofa would have survived his claws!



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