Damp squib?

Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me, but many years ago I seem to remember there being loads more fireworks around on the run-up to November 5. You would hear loud bangs and whistles all evening for weeks ahead of the date. But in recent years there’s been hardly a thing.

This year has been especially quiet. We heard a few bangers and rockets from time to time from about a week ago. Last weekend was relatively peaceful (possibly helped by plenty of rain on Saturday night). Tuesday–Bonfire night, or Guy Fawkes’ night, itself–was almost eerily quiet.

Not that we’re complaining though. Oh no.

But where have all the fireworks gone? Are they now too expensive (you literally need to have money to burn)? Or are youngsters (those who traditionally let off all those firworks) bored with them?

Or are we (i.e., us here at Waffle Towers) living in such a posh area that we’re getting a skewed picture of the world. In inner-city areas does November 5 still sound like Armageddon?


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