Handle with care

Shana has been busy making a fancy reticulated bag. And very smart it is too. Crochet isn’t all fun and games though: sometimes it’s about making tough decisions. Like how big this dratted bag should be and therefore when to stop making the sides and get on with making the handles.

As if she hadn’t enough on her plate, I chimed in with a couple of helpful suggestions:

‘You could specialise in making bags for fans of classical music,’ I said. ‘You would have to finish the bags off with Handels.’

Yes, I know my approach would result in restricting the market for the bags. That’s probably why I’m not in charge of Sales ‘n’ Distribution. That is,in fact, why I’m only in charge of the kettle and the teabags.

‘Or,’ I said (because sometimes I just can’t take the hint and remain stumm) ‘you could make bags specially for actors. THEN YOU’D HAVE TO FINISH THEM WITH IRENE HANDLS!.’

In case you’re thinking that capital letters are akin to shouting, you’re absolutely right. But by this time I had to shout, as Shana had already put on her heavy-duty ear defenders. I wondered if it was something I’d said.

Note: Please, no jokes about Shana having heavy-duty ears. She might take Umbrage.


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