Smoky 1 Slippers 0

Every so often Smoky has what we call a ‘mad’, he goes crazy, ears back, running around killing everything he can find, I literally howl with laughter, which just makes the ‘mad’ even worse.

I’ve just finished my first caffeine shot and took my mug through to the kitchen, Smoky followed I thought he was going to polish off the rest of his breakfast. I looked round just as he picked up one of Chris’ old slippers in the hall and tried to kill it. The slipper is now lying in the middle of the hall recovering from a kitty attack, and my ribs ache with laughing!

What makes it even funnier is that a while ago Chris had to replace the laces on his trainers because they look like they’d been chewed, as neither of us had seen Smoky bother about the shoes in the hall, we couldn’t be sure if they’d just frayed. Now I’ve seen him kill Chris’ slipper, I think it’s fair to assume Smoky tried to kill the laces!!

And for once he’s not been on the catnip, Smoky I mean not Chris, this is what kitty looks like ‘stoned’ on catnip…and yes, I crocheted those toys for him.

Stoned Smoky on Catnip


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