Are you sitting comfortably?

Smoky only has one back leg and a short stubby tail, this is due to an altercation with a motor vehicle before he adopted us as his parents. He can get around just fine, in a wobbly sort of way, but as he can’t really jump up like normal cats, there are strategically placed boxes to help him out. There is a box just behind my chair, when I turn round to fuss him, he is reluctant to even make that small leap on to my lap, so I pick him up.

He’s just been sat on my knee and as usual he tucked the stump of his tail to one side before sitting on it, and I’ve only just realised that it’s always on the side where his leg is missing, so I’m thinking he’s doing it to keep his balance, like a wedge to compensate for his missing leg, bless!


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