It’s time to tidy

You know that word ‘declutter’, don’t you?

Well in our house, declutter is everywhere,. Which means…

…it’s time to do detidying!

And because I have the longest arms, it falls to me to spruce the place up. It’s easy really. I stand in the middle of the living room with a duster in one hand (looking like a right fairy, I’ll tell you) and then I pretend I’m a windmill or a whirligig. Centrifugal force does the rest: with my increasing rotational speed, the duster extends to full stretch and cleans everything it touches. Makes one a tad dizzy afterwards, but it’s worth it.

Cat toys come next. Most of them can be dumped into a wicker basket under the windowsill. I place others just under the edges of the long living room rug, because Smoky likes to hunt them out and pounce on them. In doing this, he often wrestles with a corner of the rug, lifting it by sheer claw power, and diving underneath to retrieve whatever he can find.

My origami samples needed thinning out this week. Without further ado, the cranes were crushed, the spiders were scrapped, the Chinese junks were jettisoned, and the frogs were…er…frown [rhymes with ‘thrown’] out.

There, that’s much better. Now, if the Queen comes round…

…we can tell her she’s making the place look untidy.

(And don’t think we wouldn’t.)


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