20 Things About Smoky

  1. He spent the first five years of his life at an undisclosed location/hideout in (as far as we know) rural Lincolnshire, England.
  2. At age five, his career as a feline stuntman went wrong and a dastardly motor vehicle temporarily got the better of him.
  3. Smoky was rescued close to a peach tree. Therefore he was, for a while, named  ‘Peach’.
  4. As a result of his automotive misadventure, Smoky has three legs.
  5. He also has a short tail, for the same reason. Its length is about the width of an adult hand.
  6. Smoky is a grey tabby. Specifically, a mackerel tabby.
  7. He has pink paw pads.
  8. He prefers wet food to dry, and loves anything fishy.
  9. Enjoys the occasional bowl of specially formulated milk for cats.
  10. Loves the juice from baked beans and will lick the plate clean if he gets half a chance.
  11. Favourite toys include lengths of yarn dangled before him.
  12. Enjoys diving under the rug and pouncing on any toys he knows are there.
  13. Big fan of catnip.
  14. Will chase the little red dot from a laser toy…if he can be bothered.
  15. Has developed a taste for chasing slippers and was prime suspect recently in The Mysterious Case of the Chewed Shoelaces.
  16. Human idea of ‘catnap’ = 20 minutes. Smoky’s idea of ‘catnap’ = 3 hours or more. (Using a different dictionary, obviously.)
  17. Smoky has a passion for cardboard boxes. A large distressed box (which once contained a 30 litre bag of cat litter) sits in the hallway. Smoky darts into it for mini preening sessions in between using the litter box and returning to the living room.
  18. ‘The Hotel’ is a better quality cardboard box in one corner of the living room. It has an arched entrance and is fitted with a soft foam cushion. Ideal for cool winter evenings.
  19. Smoky is always on the lookout for spiders, which he will transfix with his steely stare. Faced with that, they dursen’t move. He’s not eaten one yet though (as far as we know).
  20. Smoky spends lots of time watching the world from his padded sheepskin rug on the windowsill. He is  totally fascinated by seagulls but definitely hasn’t eaten one of those. I wonder why they don’t make seagull flavoured cat food!

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