The Doll’s House

If you look carefully at this pic of me on my 3rd birthday, in the background there is a doll’s house, I have absolutely no recollection of it, I don’t remember what it was like, what was inside, or even playing with it.

What I do know is that all my adult life I’ve wanted a doll’s house, not one already done and fitted out, I want to build one from scratch. I’ve had a talk with Chris about this endeavour because we have very little money as it is, but it’s something I desperately need to do. I’ve got issues from my childhood that need to be sorted out and maybe a doll’s house is going to be the key to unlocking a few mysteries, especially as I have no memories of the one in the picture.

If we do start the project, be prepared to be bored senseless with endless blog posts about our progress!

Edited to add a clearer pic of the doll’s house


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