The eagle has landed

Technically, it’s not an eagle: it’s a guinea-fowl.

Or, as we are now in possession of some of its feathers, maybe (technically) it was a guinea fowl. (Like Monty Python’s famous parrot, it’s an ex-guinea fowl.)

Oh, sorry, Have you just joined us? Well, let me recap. A couple of days ago, Smoky was waiting for his new toy. Toy has now arrived. And, as I’ve just explained, Toy’s most important feature is a few rather pretty feathers from an exotic bird.

The toy, called Da Bird, is manipulated (i.e., waved around in the air in an artistic fashion) by means of a two-part flexible rod. The feathers look very much like a small bird flying round the room.

And Smoky went bananas for it.

He’s had toys on sticks before. Short, plastic poles with elastic attached and jangly things on the end. He tires of them after a short time. Often he will look from the stick directly at whoever is holding it, as if saying, ‘Really, is that the best you can do? I am a super-intelligent feline being, you know.’ And he will then return to his blanket or flop out idly on the rug.

Da Bird, though, is much better made, and it not only held Smoky’s attention, but also encouraged him to leap around and jump after the bird, landing with a thud on the rug. Several times he had all three feet off the ground. His paws scrabbled at the air and he spun round so fast it’s a wonder he didn’t wear out a sizable patch of the rug.

Smoky did manage to catch and chew the feathers a few times, but they’re all still intact. You can buy different attachments or replacements if you want, but I think this new toy will last well. It’s easily the most successful, engaging toy we’ve ever bought.

Oh, and I was right about the box the toy came in. Smoky went and sat in it as soon as it was emptied. For once, though, he actually preferred the toy to the packaging. 🙂


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