Tea yarn


As a serious tea drinker, I normally eschew weak  tea with far too much milk in it. (Ugh!) If any Americans are reading this (bearing in mind that across t’other side of Lake Atlantico they are not very confident about such things as how to serve a decent cuppa) let me advise you that the best way to make tea is with as little milk as possible. Shana often jokes that I ought to dispense the milk with a pipette rather than trying to coax a mere two drops per cup out of a gallon milk jug. But I persevere all the same.

The milk, btw, should always go in last. Never before the hot or boiling water. The politics of dunking will be covered in a future post; it is far too complex an issue to discuss here.

So, knowing that I like a strong brew, Shana presented me with this lovely cup. Notice the little tea bag artfully draped over the edge. Talented, isn’t she?

That was three days ago. The tea is still too hot to drink. And those biscuits? Well, they may have the word NICE etched onto them. But by now they’re more like STALE. Has Shana’s crocheted cuppa finally revealed to the world a previously unknown law of thermodynamics?  And will Shana get the Nobel Prize for Yarn? Only time will tell…


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