Are you being served?

‘Just look at the quality design on this cake box,’ said Shana. She held the box out to me and I felt the texture of the card and admired the judicious use of whitespace and the designer’s careful selection of tasteful typefaces and subtle colours.

‘Oh dear,’ Shana said, tipping the box at a slight angle, the more to admire the fonts used on the ingredients list or something equally geeky. ‘”Serves six” it says here. There are only two of us.’

‘It must mean six midgets,’ I said. ‘I don’t mind struggling though, if you think you won’t be able to manage it.’

It’s a common problem with us and cakes. They usually claim to serve four. We bravely wrestle with such philosophical problems by positing imaginary guests whom we rudely elbow out of the way so we can scoff their portions. Only when a cake box declares ‘Serves an entire scout troop and the Band of the Coldstream Guards’ will I admit defeat. Until then, whenever faced with a Big Cake Challenge, I’ll do what I always do…

Pace myself.


3 thoughts on “Are you being served?

  1. I agree. Serves, 4, 6, whatever, never does. I get a family-size pizza, family… LOL I do it in one sitting alone, comfortably. The one that defeats me is the ‘Maracanã’ that’s a doozy, I can manage half, I leave the rest for the stadium.



    1. You’d like the sort of pizza Shana and I ate on Wednesday. It said ‘Extra Thin’ on the box, so I assumed I could eat it and still lose some weight. Not sure what ‘…and Crispy’ was all about though. But it was tasty if that’s any help 🙂


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