Any colour you like…

…as long as it’s brown.


Yes, brown.

We’re not talking about Henry Ford and how he allegedly offered a very limited colour range in his car showrooms. Anyway, that was black.

No. We’re talking yarn.

Shana spent all week waiting for some brown yarn to arrive. She has a special top-secret project that requires a fairly specific shade of brown. This afternoon her yarn arrived. Beautifully packaged, in tip-top condition, and a bargain at whatever price it was that she paid for it.

Only we suspect it may be a tad too dark.

Put it like this: I like my tea strong, but if my cuppa was as brown as this yarn I’d add a dash more milk.

‘Gotterdammerenblitzen!’ Shana spluttered, lapsing for some strange reason into Germanese. ‘How many shades of brown can there be anyway?’

Happy to oblige, Shana. Happy to oblige. Well there’s

  1. light brown
  2. mid brown
  3. dark brown
  4. poo brown
  5. tan
  6. bronze
  7. copper
  8. amber
  9. cinnamon
  10. coffee
  11. chocolate
  12. butterscotch
  13. caramel
  14. toffee
  15. burnt almond
  16. walnut
  17. mahogany
  18. sienna
  19. raw umber
  20. buff
  21. fawn
  22. biscuit
  23. mushroom
  24. Vandyke brown (whatever the  Tate gallery that is!)
  25. khaki
  26. tawny
  27. chestnut
  28. russet
  29. bay
  30. roan
  31. sorrel
  32. mocha

Oh, and there’s one more. Wanna know what it is?

It’s that one you want for your latest project. ‘Mystery brown’. Now I know why Ford kept it simple 🙂


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