New balls please!

I recently destroyed one of Smoky’s prized possessions: his blue and white ball with the little jangly bell in the middle. Trod on it, I did, like a great big elephant on the petunias.

I didn’t mean to. If I’d carried out a thorough risk assessment, as we’re all apparently supposed to do these days, I might have managed to avoid the accident altogether. That said, though, Smoky did (it could be argued) ‘deliberately and negligently leave the ball in such a position as to constitute a trip hazard’. Maybe I should phone on of those lawyers who are always advertising on the telly; I could claim for emotional distress or say I twisted my knee trying to avoid the obstacle. Heck, I could even claim for whiplash!

I won’t though. I’ll just stick a whoopee cushion under his blanket. That’ll larn him 🙂

Any road up, Smoky’s new toys arrived today:  two sisal-covered rattly balls; one rattly yellow ball with a heavy duty moulded rubber outer casing; and one about the size of a small cat’s head, which is made of something like cane or wicker (because Smoky is fond of using a wicker storage basket as a scratching post, so he clearly likes the feel of it). This last one also has a small sachet of catnip at its core. These all bear the label of a supplier called  Jolly Moggy.

So far, Smoky has had a sniff of all these new goodies but has not yet batted them around the floor.

It is, of course, still possible for the Smokemeister to leave these little deadly spheres in places where they could cause serious injury. But at least now they won’t break. One hopes one’s cat is happy now.


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