Light heavyweight?

Smoky has put on weight recently. Not much. But enough for us to notice. When you remember he weighs about nine pounds (no, he hasn’t gone metric yet)  an increase of one pound is ten per cent of his body weight. That’s like one of us gaining about two stone. (Younger readers may like to treat this post as an arithmetic challenge. Convert all imperial measurements to something more modern. Use no calculators, and please show all your working-outs in the margins. Thank you.)

Anyway, about Smoky. Shana has taken to calling him ‘Fattypuffs’. He likes to stretch out on the floor and try to look thin, but he’s fooling nobody.

So, we have resolved that all this excess avoirdupois has gotta go. Smoky, having only three legs, can seriously do without any more weight. Heck, we can’t even pretend it’s puppy fat!

Upshot is, Smoky is now on a reducing diet.

He is not allowed too much fish, too much meat, or too many kibbles.

But he can have as much broccoli as he likes 🙂


2 thoughts on “Light heavyweight?

  1. We’re in a similar position we have a few months before Fiyero goes for a booster and we are pretty sure they’ll call him fat. This will likely result in his cat dads making excuses for him and losing dignity in front of the vets.


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