Power outage

Earlier this evening we had a power cut. No electricity for about thirty minutes. Obviously, the telly had gone off when the power died, and without a battery-operated radio we had nothing to listen to either. As it was 4.30pm and already dark, reading was not an option. And Shana, in the middle of a crochet project, was also forced to down tools.

So, after we had found a brass candlestick and lit a big fat purple pillar candle we had nothing to do with our time except sit and look at the candle. A game of ‘I spy with my little eye’ would have been pointless. Ditto ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.

And whose idea was it to get a grey cat? (‘Where’s the cat?’ ‘Don’t know.’ ‘Oh, hang on I found him…well I found his claws anyway!’)

Eventually, I decided we should have a candlelit musical soiree. Then I remembered that my electronic keyboard would not work without electricity. It can run on batteries, but it needs too many of them (six of those large chunky ones) to make it economically worthwhile.

That left just one solution: my didgeridoo.

‘Oh no you didgeridon’t!’ said Shana.

At which point the lights promptly came back on. Clearly, the gods are not fans of my didge playing either.

‘Well, that was fun,’ chirped Shana. Well if that was fun, she would have loved the Blitz. Probz would have found it all a great hoot.

Note to self: buy extra batteries for keyboard, just in case. It has some great sound effects 🙂


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