Merry Christmas, but don’t sniff the trees

As Christmas approaches, Waffle Towers is looking more festive each day. I made a selection of origami decorations: a chain of primary-coloured links across the front window, a couple of paper snowflake-type things, and half a dozen pink stars as an allusion to the phrase ‘The pink stars are falling’ in Under the Dome, Shana’s favourite tv series of the year (not).

Shana completed the decoration extravaganza with a golden Christmas bell and a very tasteful ivory and gold crocheted Christmas angel. Oh, and not forgetting a star that she made a couple of weeks ago.

We almost didn’t live to see the last week before Christmas though, because last weekend I decided to make some small (about 12 inches tall) Christmas trees for the dining room sideboard. Following instructions from Eric Kenneway/John Smith‘s excellent origami book, I carefully folded all the pages in a couple of old tv listings magazines, and then fanned the pages out for artistic effect.

Then came my near-lethal brainwave:

‘They’d look really good sprayed in metallic gold paint,’ I thought.

Fortunately, we had almost a full tin of gold paint sitting in the shed from 2007 when we moved into Waffle Towers and Shana sprayed the hall radiator metallic gold. Believe me, it looks much better than you might think.

So I snuck down to the garden shed with my tv mag trees and a can of paint and sprayed away, resisting the urge to graffiti-tag the shed with any arcane waffle-related sigils.

Shana was delighted with the results, but less delighted with the overwhelming paint fumes wafting off the sideboard. In the end, before we both passed out, I put the trees in the cupboard to dry. Close call though: we needed the living room window open for fifteen minutes to clear the air–and last Saturday was none too warm either.

Anyway, all’s well now. And we’re looking as Christmassy as we’ve ever done (pics may appear in due course).  And even better, we have enough sprouts so that if any unwanted carol singers turn up, we can launch our homemade sprout trebuchet. That should soon see the blighters off.

‘Tis the season to be jolly…


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