Throwing down the gauntlet(s)

The pink washing-up gloves I wrote about in December were sadly unable to keep up with my vigorous washing-up style.  Technically, the gloves (or ‘gauntlets’) themselves were fine, but the floral wrist guards were not. One of them came off rather too easily in my opinion, taking part of the glove itself along with it.  And there’s no way I’m going to wear just a single glove when I do the pots.

I’m not Michael Jackson, you know.

Shana was quick to rustle up some replacements. (Although, being of a rubbery material, I doublt they would actually rustle, no matter how hard I tried.)

Upshot is, I am now the proud, or even chuffed, owner of a pair of state-of-the-art white Dermaluxe gloves. And a superduper pair of gloves they are. Tough, yet amazingly comfortable. And, being white, they’ll go well if I ever take up the habit of wearing a tux. Look a bit of a narner washing up in a DJ though, wouldn’t I? 🙂


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