A blur of frenzy

Smoky’s replacement feathers arrived today.

Oh, hang on, that might be confusing if you’re a new reader to this blog. Makes Smoky sound like a bird, doesn’t it?  I suppose he could be an expensive and rare parrot though. In which case, if he lost a couple of feathers (as is not unknown among parrots and their like) you might not want to pop him in the recycle bin and might well go to the trouble of buying a pack of replacement feathers. I believe the usual method is to stick the new feathers to the bird’s bald area(a bit like patching a bicycle inner tube). Always remember to sand the bird lightly first, in order  to provide a key so that the new feathers stick.

Anyway, Smoky isn’t a bird. He’s a cat. Take a gander (oops, there I go again, writing about birds) around this blog’s archives and you’ll soon figure things out 🙂

The replacement feathers are for Smoky’s ‘DaBird’ toy.

And he just adores chasing, swiping, batting, and generally trying to kill them.

The new feathers are made by Frenzy Cat Toys. Wel, technically, I suppose they don’t actually make the feathers; but they do mount them on a fitting so you can attach them to your fishing rod-style pole, so that you can fly them around the room like a real bird and thus exercise your cat and drive him loopy at the same time.

I would post pics of Smoky chasing ‘DaBird’ but let’s face it, who wants to see photos of a kitty moving so fast that he’s just a blur!


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