And so to bed


Shana has been busy crocheting for most of the past week  and has made Smoky the most exquisite circular bed.

And see what a perfect fit it is!

In a delicious dark chocolate brown with orange sides, I swear it looked good enough to eat. Im still not sure if it was really cotton wool stuffing or fluffy marshmallow that Shana filled it with. A few sprinkles of catnip did go in there though. Funny thing about catnip is that a little can make a cat excitable, whereas a larger amount can have the opposite effect.

Smoky has certainly taken to his new bed and now gets up only for one of four reasons:

  • Noms.
  • Chasing ‘DaBird’ toy.
  • To ‘powder his nose’ (a.k.a. use the litter tray).
  • To watch ‘Bargain Hunt‘.

P.S. I might have lied about ‘Bargain Hunt


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