You can’t put a better bit of butter on your Aussie knife


Yes, Shana had been sneaky and done some of her very own Bargain Hunting without me knowing. All the time I thought she was ordering herself some new slippers to keep her feets warm in the winter, she had been busy bidding away on an Australian butter knife (of all things) and I was duly presented with it when it arrived in the post yesterday lunchtime.

“It’s lovely,” I said. “Now I suppose we’ll have to get some Anchor butter to use with it.”

Yes, I know perfectly well that Anchor is from New Zealand and not Australia. But up here in the northern hemisphere, we’re not fussy about little distinctions like that 😉

Anyway, the Aussie butter knife has now become the foundation of the Waffle Towers Museum. All we need now are some old vesta cases (pref. with nice ‘engine turning’) and a Victorian vinaigrette (hopefully with the vinegar still inside). After all, if Flog It ever comes to town, we’ve gotta have something to take along, haven’t we? Otherwise, as the oldest ‘items’ in the house, we’d have to auction…



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