Dynamo pig

Pigs rule OK!

Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I? After all, we are the proud owners of Kevin, a black rubber piglet originally destined for a hard and short life as a dog toy (of all things!) but whom we rescued from our local shop just over three years ago. Why Kevin? Think about it: he’s a piglet, so he’s named after Kevin Bacon of course.

Then there are the numerous origami mini-piglets I made a while back. Still trying to perfect that deceptively tricky fold, btw 😉

And now, thanks to another of Shana’s surreptitious buying extravaganzas, we have a dynamo pig torch. Is it a wind-up? Sure he is; otherwise, he wouldn’t have a little dynamo inside, would he? I shall use him as a torch on the odd occasion when a little extra light is needed. Technical wizards, however, can turn him into a dynamo pig racing car. Vroom vroom oink!


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