Ad Break

I’m very rarely online these days, preferring instead to brainwash myself sitting in front of the TV all day, thankfully I’ve not resorted to watching soaps, I can’t dumb down that much!

Obviously I always mute the sound when the ads come on, but there are a few exceptions, the following ads are ones which genuinely make me Laugh Out Loud. This one for MoneySupermarket truly inspires me, but sadly Smoky thinks otherwise, if I want to run with cats, I’d have to carry him!

And the latest MoneySupermarket ad is also a favourite, I think I’ve been watching too much American Hot Rod!

We can’t get cable in Waffle Towers, something to do with the moat and drawbridge maybe…so we have Freeview, and their latest ad is hilarious…

Well the Ad Break is over, back to watching TV, enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Ad Break

  1. I had wondered where you’d got to… That last cat ad was so hilarious I posted it on Some Animals on Saturday. All my cats have been ‘runners’, especially Cloro and Lixo, they followed me round the praça like little dogs. Especially if I managed to escape the bar, once they realised I had gone, they’d follow quickly.



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