Scratching post

In about six weeks it will be Smoky’s seventh birthday. He’ll have been with us for two years. How time flies!

Smoky is an indoor cat but still enjoys watching the world go by from his luxury padded window seat. (Faux sheepskin, double glazing, and little plastic foliage at each end. But I digress…)

Come springtime, when the weather turns milder, we throw open the living room windows. Although when I say ‘throw open’ I actually mean a couple of inches. Don’t get me wrong: there’s plenty of air circulating. But as Smoky is more adventurous than is good for him, he does tend to want to climb out of the window for a spot of ornithology (i.e., bird chasing). Not a good idea when you live on the first floor and have only three legs.

Smoky often likes to stretch up as high as possible, we think to try and reach the handle to open the window fully. Now, after the arrival of his early birthday present, he can do all the stretching he wants.

Because today, thanks to another of Shana’s cat-related brainwaves,  he finally got a top quality sisal-covered scratching post. 23″ high and sturdy enough even for a little menace like him 🙂

At first, he was reluctant to make use of it. But we found the best way was to get him running around after his Da Bird feathered toy. And then to edge the scene of the action closer and closer to the scratching post, and finally to manoeuvre Da Bird until it was perched atop the sisal pole.

Smoky can’t resist this kind of challenge and, with a maniacal glint in his eye, he was soon trying to claw his way to the top of the post, drawing himself up to his full height, dead set on ripping the feathers into shreds. What a lovely little kitty 😉


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