Never mind this month’s Hollywood Oscars. The Waffle Towers Gold Star goes to…

Shana! For papering part of the dining room wall that has been a bit of an eyesore for nigh on three years.

But, as Shana herself would say, if you want a job done well, you have to take your time.

Next job will be to paint the chimney breast, a prominent feature of our humble luxury residence. Since 2007 it has been red. ‘Sang de boeuf’ some might call it. Not to mention the fact that this paint was on top of wallpaper embossed with organic curvy shapes resembling bubbles or splatters.

We used to think it was tasteful. But then we also had one wall covered in so many decorative plates that we dubbed it ‘The Great Wall of china’. My, how we laughed. But the plates soon went. Along with the coffee-coloured hall and stairs walls (replaced by a much better white) and the small collection of brass plaques.

In fact, large parts of Waffle Towers used to look like a stereotypical idea of the interior of a gypsy caravan.

Fings, as D-Ream once said, can only get better 🙂


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