Nice paint, old bean!

We’re not quite finished yet, but the bulk of the work has been done. The big chimney breast (what we sometimes call the ‘chimney beast’) is now no longer deep red but is something called ‘Java Bean’.

That’s ‘brown’ to you.

Chocolate brown, to be precise.

In fact, so realistic is the colour that when she opened the paint tin, Shana almost succumbed to the urge to lick the lid. Well I guess if it looks like a bar of Green and Blacks

We used a whole one-and-a-quarter litres of paint and are now waiting for another tin to arrive so we can finish the job off to perfection.

It’ll probably turn up tomorrow. I’d already scheduled some strimming for Thursday morning, but the first grass cutting of the season can wait if needs be. Such a hectic life, you know 🙂

As far as what we’ve already done though, we were pretty pleased. And we’re our own worst critics, so ‘pleased’ isn’t a word we use lightly. I did most of the paint roller work but we both did some of the cutting-in. Unlike previous painting adventures, we managed to avoid getting paint on the other walls or on the skirting board, apart from a couple of little mishaps towards the end. We weren’t too worried though, because the skirting boards are long overdue for re-glossing, and the main walls need a repaint too.

One day, all the decorating at Waffle Towers will be finished.

Then it’ll be time to start all over again.


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