It’s party time – BYOB!!

No I don’t mean Bring Your Own Bottle, I mean Bring Your Own Brush, as in paintbrush, we’re having a decorating party!!

We have organised chaos here in Waffle Towers, Chris is moving the books out of the library, it looks kinda bare without the bookcases, I’m endeavouring to keep calm and let Chris get on with it. Hopefully by Tuesday I’ll be able to start painting, not that it will take that long to prepare, it’s just I don’t like Mondays…I really should write a song about that…

And if you’re interested, we’re painting the room blue, and it’s a big room, some 21 feet by 10 feet or so, I’ll probably fall asleep half-way along the wall, this time I’m going to roller, Chris is going to brush, I think it’s called ‘cutting-in’ and usually involves splodges of paint where there shouldn’t be splodges of paint.

At least this time I won’t have to worry about getting paint in my hair, I had it all cut off a few weeks ago…but that’s another story!


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