The blue room

Sunday, 9pm: “I’ll prepare the living room walls for painting. Quite a few areas will need patching up with filler. And then I’ll have to sand the patched areas smooth, so the paint roller doesn’t snag on them. And then I’ll shift the bookcases. Should be ready for Tuesday hopefully.”

“Good idea,” said Shana. “Monday is never my best day, so it’s good not to have to get stuck into painting right at the start of the week.”

Yeah! Last words of the famous variety, eh?

Monday, 11am: “Are you done yet? I can’t wait to get started. I’ll go get my painting clothes.”

So, perhaps Monday, for Shana, is not so bad as expected. Before I know it, she’s wrestling with the lid of a Dulux Once paint container, sloshing the paint about like a swimmer trying to fight off a herd of piranhas.

And the ‘painting clothes’? A black skirt. Not sure of the length, but long enough to reaach the upturned lid of the paint can.(‘Nuff said.)  Picasso had his blue period, and Shana was determined to go one better. Not that I escaped unscathed: I collected a few blue drips, but I’ll live.

Once started, all went swimmingly. Meaning we (but mostly Shana) looked like we’d spent the day swiming in paint 🙂

Shana did the paint rollering, and I opted for the role of cutter-inner. (Cutter-innerer? Oh, whatever!)

By close of play, the only living being with no paint on him (and hence the winner of the game) was Smoky. And he’d wandered around the house totally oblivious of how he could have ended the day with little blue paws rather than his usual little pink ones.

Fortunately, Dulux Once lived up to its name: only a single coat was required.

Now all we need is a week to recover from all the exertion.


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