Be careful what you ask for…

By the side of the desk there is a screen to stop the glare from the window, it’s only a cardboard and paper contraption that Chris made, not so much shabby chic as just a tad shabby! It looks even tattier now we’ve decorated, so Chris said to me “Buy me some wood and I’ll make a proper one”…I do love a challenge…

Chris was still eating his porridge when the timber lorry arrived, a flatbed truck with lots of lovely wood…including our 4 lengths of 2″ x 1” timber, and despite Chris’ unkempt state, having not quite woken up, I sent him downstairs to fetch it. Needless to say one of our curious nosey neighbours had to ask what he was going to do with it, Chris replied “Making a rabbit hutch” and walked away.

There is much muttering and sawing underway, whether we end up with a screen, or a rabbit hutch, only time will tell!!

Oh and for the record, I will be playing a part in this, I ordered some upholstery fabric to cover the wood…if I can coax Daisy into sewing in a straight line!


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