Shadow cat


Late this morning, Shana spotted a shadow on the wall. Smoky had just hopped onto his window seat, to lounge on his soft sheepskin rug and do a spot of birdwatching. The rug (actually a synthetic fleecy fabric, but don’t tell Smoky πŸ˜‰ ) is weighted down at both ends with a couple of heavy flower pots that contain equally synthetic plants (Plastica vulgaris floribunda, if I remember correctly).


The shadows of Smoky and one of the plants were cast onto the wall above the telly, where they distracted Shana from an ancient episode of ‘Dog, the Bounty Hunter, which (lest ye think the less of us) we had been watching for research purposes. And yes, DtBH is as cringeworthy as its name suggests.

Smoky’s sihouette shows, I like to think, his true nature as a ninja kitty. If he figures out how to do that shadow impression of a bunny rabbit by holding his paws a certain way, we’ll all be mighty impressed. For now though, we’ll just chuckle quietly at how even his muffin top has its own shadow πŸ™‚


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