Year of the cat

We are proud to announce that today is Smoky’s 7th birthday. You may sing to him. The words are very simple:

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Smoky
Blah blah blah etc etc

His birthday present is a brand new soft fleecy bed. He’s been testing it for a couple of weeks and he adores it. I’ll have to sneak it away from him before morning, though, so that I can wrap it in birthday gift paper and put a big bow on it. Then he’ll have to pretend he’s never seen it before and meow something to the effect of ‘Oh, you shouldn’t have…’ and hafter he’s had his noms he will then act like he’s trying his new bed for the first time.

Vaguely interesting Smoky-related factoid: Smoky was, we think, born in 2007. That was the Chinese Year of the Pig. Probably explains his ginormous appetite then 🙂

The above pic shows Smoky on his new bed. Nearby is a small origami cube. Smoky has a natural aptitude for origami and can chase bits of paper for up to thirty seconds at a time. Talented or what!


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