Beechgrove Garden: it’s not just for the Scots

We have only a small garden, so we’re always amused towards the end of each week’s Gardeners’ World on BBC2 when Monty Don lists his ‘Jobs for the Weekend’. ‘Better get out there and plant your dahlias,’ I’ll say, and Shana will chortle and reply ‘Only if you get started on the mulching.’ Then we both laugh like the Martians on the Cadbury’s Smash advert.

Gardening, for us, is mostly a spectator sport. Recently though, we’ve discovered a new team to support: Beechgrove Garden. We see it on Sunday mornings, again on BBC2. It’s warm and friendly, without a hint of celebrity posturing. Just like Gardeners’ World used to be back in the old days. Beechgrove Garden is described as ‘Scotland’s favourite gardening programme’. Welcome down here in England any time, I’d say.

One surprise to us was to see Chris Beardshaw on the Beechgrove team. He’s a long way north for a Gloucestershire man, isn’t he? Fits in very well though, but I reckon he may need to work a bit harder on his Scottish accent 🙂


2 thoughts on “Beechgrove Garden: it’s not just for the Scots

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