A question of morality

You order an item on eBay, it doesn’t cost a great deal of money, around £8. The seller informs you that it has been despatched, and allowing for Easter, you wait longer than normal for delivery. When the days pass by and there’s no sign of the goods, you contact the seller to ask precisely when they posted it, they do not give you a date but instead tell you to contact your local Sorting Office to see if it’s there. There is no sign of the parcel so you ask them for a refund, they duly oblige.

Several more days pass and the parcel appears, so the question is do you:

a) Keep the parcel and don’t tell the seller, therefore keeping the refund.

b) Return the parcel to the seller.

c) Contact the seller and ask for a new invoice to pay for the goods.

I chose ‘c’, because that’s the way I roll 🙂


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