Freak Waves

I was half-watching a programme about Freak Waves when I heard the magical words ‘Quantum Physics’, that made me pay attention, anything to do with cats is always interesting, should have named Smoky, Schrödinger!

Basically there are these freak waves that have sunk massive ships without warning, scientists who know everything about linear waves haven’t been able to find an explanation why. So there’s this guy, Al Osborne, a wave mathematician who had this epic theory, via a modified Schrödinger Equation that explained how freak waves are created, but just a theory. Until he saw a wave profile from a freak wave in 1985 and realised it matched his theoretical wave model.

At that point my brain went into meltdown, as I began to muse on what else that is allegedly only a theory, but could actually happen in the real world. If it wasn’t for my failing memory I’d write up a thesis about my ideas, ah sweet dementia how you have robbed me of my thoughts!

OK you can all wake up again now, my quantum moment is over!




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