Now, I am Carpenter!

It’s been a busy week for the postman. Yesterday, a couple of crossword puzzle books arrived for me. One book of a hundred Financial Times crosswords and one of Sunday Telegraph puzzles.

Today, Shana received some balls of yarn she’d ordered seemingly only five minutes ago. These are for a special project. (She’s crocheting the Little House on the Prairie.)

For me, there was also a little toy in the post. Namely, a mitre box and (as if that wasn’t enough excitement) a saw. The saw has someone’s name on it: ‘Stanley’. If he comes round wanting it back, I’m going to hide it and deny all knowledge (not difficult really for a Bloke like me 🙂 ).

Down to the bottom shed I trotted, returning with a couple of yards of warped pine. I then set about cutting several 45-degree angels (sic) and managed to create a decent impression of a picture frame. Shana and I were both chuffed. In fact, it’s hard to say who was the chuffedest. Anyway, it’s good to develop new skills, and with my new mitre box, I can now make things for our home. How about a perfectly mitred square toilet seat? Eh? Whaddya mean, therre’s not much call for that round here?


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