Cat cakes

You should never feed your cat onions. You should never feed your cat raisins. And you should never feed your cat chocolate or liver (and certainly not on the same plate).

But nobody ever said they shouldn’t have the occasional unusual treat. And for Smoky, this evening it was…

Eccles cakes!

It was just a very small piece off the corner of Shana’s cake. (I sensibly wolfed mine down as soon as I saw Smoky-chops showing an interest. 😉 )

It was Shana’s own fault anyway. Smoky always likes to sniff things, so Shana naturally held out her Eccles cake for him to sniff. And not only did he sniff it: he licked it.

‘Ugh, he’s contaminated your Eccles cake,’ I said, exaggerating my disgust while cramming the remains of mine (about 80% of it) into my gob, lest it fall prey to Mister Sniffy-Licky nearby.

In response, Shana broke off the pre-licked corner and offered it to Smoky, who daintily finished it off.

I suppose it’s a bit more civilised than his other favourite treat, which is the leftover sauce from when we’ve had baked beans. Even then, he’s very delicate in his eating. How he avoids getting bright orange whiskers, I’ll never know. Personally, I have only to look at a plate of baked beans, and my garments are instantly festooned with the stuff. Maybe I should invest in a bib.


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