Kevin the Piglet’s birthday


Happy birthday to Kevin the Piglet! This week you will be four.

The above pic shows him on his first birthday, which we celebrated by buying him a little cake and making sure he didn’t get too close to the cake candle. Because we do NOT love the smell of scorched rubber in the morning…or indeed at any time of the day.

He’s called Kevin after the actor Kevin Bacon, and he came from our local inconvenience store. Officially he was supposed to be a pet toy (or at least according to Armitage’s, whose machines or moulds or whatever first breathed rubbery life into him). But when we got K the P, we didn’t have a pet. And now we have Smoky, Kevin still isn’t a pet toy. I mean, how undignified would that be! (And besides, our cat would find him far too chewy. ugh!)

The day we rescued Kevin from the Pet Products section (Friday 3 June 2010) he caused mayhem even before we’d paid for him. Down one shop aisle a little boy and his mother were passing the other piglets (Kevin was also available in pink or orange) and we heard an oink as the curious boy squeezed one of them. We heard the mother tell the boy not to do that. I then gave Kevin a quick nudge and he oinked obligingly. From the next aisle we heard mother say ‘I though I told you not to do that!’ Shana and I chuckled and made haste for the checkout before Kevin could cause any more uproar.

Since then, he’s been as good as gold. Well, rubbery gold anyway. Here’s to many more oinky birthdays 🙂


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