Surf Kitchen

We rescued an old abandoned table today. Eventually, we’ll remove the dingy brown paint to reveal the dingy brown wood underneath. We’ll also have to reglue some of the joints to stop it from wobbling. Other than that it’s in perfect condition. I dismantled it so it will be easier to work on. This was a simple matter of taking out half a dozen screws, and a bit of last-minute prep with my ‘fine adjustment tool’: a mallet πŸ™‚

The table top, a sinuous scallop-edged affair has clearly been used by an amateur decorator, judging by the paint splashes. I held it up to the wall and immediately saw a thousand quid piece of modern abstract art. Oops, I seem to have it upside down!


Or maybe it’s a surfboard? I couldn’t resist surfing round the kitchen, although in my mind I was already on Bondi beach in Hawaii. (Never was much good at geography.)

By the way…Aloha πŸ™‚

Back to Reality-on-Sea though. Here’s the rest of the table. Looks like Humpty Dumpty after his great fall, doesn’t it? Oh dear, what have we started…


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