Birthday feast

My umpteenth birthday went very well and Shana and I both enjoyed some delicious noms. Highlights included hard-boiled eggs in soft brown rolls for lunch and early afternoon snack. Then on to a ham and pineapple pizza (a ‘Hawaiian’ apparently) for our evening meal. And then, during the evening, a couple of helpings of chocolate cake, which was (and I quote):

a rich, indulgent chocolate cake, filled and topped with a Belgian milk chocolate ganache buttercream, decorated with marbled Belgian chocolate curls

And the reason I can quote this so precisely? Because I dove into the kitchen bin to retrieve the box from among a small pile of empty cat food pouches so I could copy directly from it. The lengths I go to for our blog readers!

(Actually, it was still sitting on the worktop, lol…)

Anyway, the moral of all this is that if you want to live, like me, to the ripe old age of 36-and-lots-of-quarters and eat loads on your birthday, then you have to do things the way I do them. The advice is simple:

Pace yourself 🙂


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