What gardening programmes have taught me

From BBC2’s wonderful Beechgrove Garden about three weeks ago, we discovered (during one of the team’s visits to an outside garden) that a mature sycamore tree in bloom is equivalent, in terms of the various benefits to wildlife, to six acres of wildflower meadow! Yes, six whole acres. Across the road from Waffle Towers is a plot of land destined (eventually) to have a dozen or so three-storey houses built on it. In the centre of this plot sits a mature sycamore tree. What a loss to the area that will be.

From ITV’s Love Your Garden this week, during a lavish garden makeover for a recovering injured policeman and his family, we heard that it is simply not true that the roots of a tree extend outwards to the same distance as the tree’s crown or canopy. Instead, you should roughly treble the tree’s height and this will give you a more accurate figure. Aren’t tree roots amazing!

And from BBC’s Gardeners’ World we learned not so long ago that Nigel the dog likes squeaky tennis balls and that Monty Don suffers from box leaf blight. I dunno. Must be the aftershave, I guess 🙂


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