The Men Who Made Us Spend

This is a must watch if you’re hooked on buying the latest products and spending until you melt your credit card, something not applicable to us ‘umble folk enlightened beings in Waffle Towers. If you can’t watch the vid, this is the OU page about the series.

For the record, we opted out of the consumer society a long time ago, for me personally, it was 1986.

We picked our sofa up cheap in a secondhand shop, it’s not fashionable, but it is comfortable and as it’s made from old-fashioned wood and horsehair with feather cushions, will no doubt out live both of us. Our TV is secondhand, it is not flat screen or the latest tech, it’s an old Panasonic Quintrix, but it works, so what more do we need. Yes we have a computer, but it’s a cheap non-branded one, and we have a cheap basic mobile phone for use in emergencies only. We rarely buy new clothes, some of mine are nearly 10 years old.

Basically we don’t own anything new or expensive, what we buy is practical and functional, who gives a damn if it’s not the latest model. It’s such a shame that people can’t see how much they’ve been brainwashed.

OK, rant over, if you ain’t got a life now, it’s too late!


3 thoughts on “The Men Who Made Us Spend

  1. Heartily agree, secondhand is good enough for me. I look at all the advertising done for new HD TVs for the cup, and all the idiots who went out and bought one… after the cup, they’ll be cheaper. I wouldn’t even think about buying one after the cup, my old secondhand 29″ donated TV does me just fine.



  2. I have a pair of shoes that are over ten years old. The uppers have been replaced five times and the soles three times. And they’re as good as new 🙂 Best not ask me about my favourite yeard brush (six new heads, five new handles…)


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