Smoky and the duvet

I have two duvets, one for summer, one for winter, both stuffed with feathers, both dearly loved by Smoky. Despite the recent hot weather, I’ve kept the summer duvet on, Smoky sleeps on it, I sleep out of it!

Last night I’d had enough, I replaced the duvet with a sheet. Smoky jumped on the bed and looked around somewhat puzzled, he then proceeded to stomp around before stalking up the bed and giving me a nose bump in my face, well it was more like a headbutting, but nose bump sounds cuter! I knew that Smoky wanted the duvet back, and I was not going to oblige. So he lay down and rested his head on my arm, then having decided I was no substitute for a duvet, tried my pillow instead. As he laid his head on my pillow, he extended one paw…and claws…in my direction, missing my nose by a whisker. It still wasn’t enough, so with a kitty-harumph-sigh, Smoky curled up on the sheet and we fell asleep.

I woke up in the early hours, and trying not to disturb Smoky, reached over for a drink, unfortunately Smoky woke up too and repeated the early performance of stomping round the bed and headbutting.

Smoky is currently avoiding us, he’s having a lie-in protest on my bed, on the sheet, with a feline scowl on his face!


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