A horseshoe, a horseshoe, my kingdom for a horseshoe

I do have some daft thoughts at times. Lucky we have this blog here then, where I can inflict my brand of daftitude on the rest of the known world…

T’other day, Shana was watching an old episode of the antiques show Flog It. Paul Martin, the presenter, was visiting a blacksmith’s forge and finding out about all the exciting things farriers get up to. Introducing this part of the programme, Paul mentioned that whereas in the old days the horse was the main form of transport for many, nowadays it is used chiefly in leisure pursuits. These days, we all rely on the motor car to get around.

I couldn’t help but compare the work of shoeing a horse to the expensive pastime of changing all your car tyires. ‘I wonder if horseshoes are like tyres,’ I said. ‘Is it safe to mix different kinds of shoe on different hooves, or must the rider use the same type all round, like not mixing crossply and radial tyres on the same axle?’

Shana ate her CrunchyWheatyHoops quietly, no doubt pondering my question. Or maybe trying to pretend she wasn’t just the other side of the chimney in the upmarket part of the living room. (Too late, Shana. I heard your spoon clink on your bowl!)

‘And you know how you’re supposed to carry a spare wheel in your car?’ I waffled. ‘Well, do horses have to hang a spare horseshoe from the tail?’

I didn’t like to mention that if the latter were indeed the case, then I knew one or two suitable knots that would secure the spare in place. I kept quiet though, so as not to provoke Shana into reading aloud from one of her Tunisian crochet patterns. It might have been 7:30 already, but that’s still far too early in the day 🙂

LOL, it just occurred to me: can you get trendy low-profile horseshoes? White-wall horseshoes? Big knobbly tractor-style shoes for shire horses?

(Enough already. I go now…)


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