We arrived home the other day after one of Shana’s rare visits to the local delicatessen (oh all right then, the corner shop) and no sooner were we through the door than Shana’s keen eye alighted on the disorderly nature of the dining room table.

‘Oh my gawd!’ she exclaimed. ‘Look at all the mess. There are books strewn everywhere, upsidey-downy encyclopedias, and detailed notes scribbled on scraps of paper everywhere you turn. It’s horrendous!’

I thought it best to keep quiet about how I’d been in the middle of reimplementing the Dewey Decimal System among our new-and-used book collection. ‘So, what do you make of it then?’ I asked, feigning nonchalance as hard as I could.

‘Easy,’ said Shana. ‘We’ve got swotters!’ 🙂

(And yes, Shana does sometimes speak in bold type. So now you know…)


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