Waffle Garden News

Here at Waffle Towers (or, to be more precise, a few metres outside it) we have a small garden. It’s not a Zen garden: it is, of course, a Waffle Garden. (W.A.F.F.L.E = ‘Weeds And Flowers Fight Like Enemies’. Just thought of that. Not bad for time of evening etc.)

We don’t do much gardening, but what we do has been an education. Mainly an education in how to identify weeds–and kill dem!

I recently found an old box of lawn seed in the shed that we forgot we had bought several years ago. (I’ll leave that last sentence ambiguous for anyone learning English, so they can debate whether we bought a shed or a box of grass seed 🙂 )

I won’t say what brand of grass seed it was, but it has MIRACULOUSLY taken root in our left-side border and is doing fairly well so far. Let’s hope it continues to establish itself. If so, that side will be much easier to manage.

In other Waffle Garden news: our trusty old cordless G-Tech strimmer gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago. Shana found a discount cordless strimmer on Tesco’s the other day, and I tried it this afternoon after mowing the lawn. The new strimmer does a tidy job and is a rather nice shade of green. Here endeth the technical report.

And after all that gardening, here endeth this post. Happy gardening, everyone 🙂


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