Been there, done that…

While everyone else is thumbing through the road atlas or consulting the satnav, Shana needs none of those navigational fripperies. Why? Because Shana is so well-travelled that she has already been pretty well everywhere you could name.

It’s become a bit of a running gag at Waffle Towers.

Last night, for example, we were between programmes, but Shana soon found something to kill that empty half an hour. ‘”Britain’s Deadliest Roads”. That should be all right, yes?’ she said, pointing out something that, for once, was not on the movies4men channel.

I agreed to Shana’s televisual selection and we were soon congratulating ourselves on not being part of the mad helter skelter that is a daily reality on Britain’s overcrowded road network.

One especially dangerous stretch of road was the A9. The programme showed a map of its route. As luck would have it, one end of the road was at a remote Scottish outpost called Scrabster. I’d never heard of it till it popped up on this programme. But Shana had. ‘Been there!’ she proclaimed. I heaved my usual sigh of amazement. ‘Is there anywhere you haven’t been?’ I asked. But Shan couldn’t think of one.

I sometimes joke (?) that if a brand new Jovian moon were discovered, Shana would claim to have been there too. ‘Future space explorers will probably find a little flag there with your name on it. Like the American Stars and Stripes that was planted when Apollo astronauts landed on that Hollywood film set.’ For some reason, Shana never argues at this suggestion.

This evening, we were watching part of an old episode of BBC property show, ‘Escape to the Country’. This edition was in Devon and the presenter mentioned somewhere called Topsham. ‘Ever been there?’ I said. ‘Don’t think so,’ said Shana. ‘I have been to Devon though.’

At last! Somewhere that Shana has yet to cross off on her UK gazzeteer. But, I wonder, do the good folk of Topsham realise what a narrow escape they had? 🙂


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