The Wafflebox is kaputt

The ‘Wafflebox’ (by which I mean our old telly) is indeed ka-bleedin’-putt. The waffleobx is no more. It is an ex-wafflebox. Etc etc.

The wafflebox was an old Panasonic Quintrix. A great lumbering behemoth of a telly. We acquired it free of charge a couple of years ago and, it must be said, it has served us well. It was our first ever telly with stereo sound. A big beefy sound, to go with its big beefy weight. It must have been easily over 20 of your modern kilos and if it had fallen on your foot you would (as we Britons like to say in our understated way) have ‘known about it’.

The Quintrix, to match its thunderous output, required a hefty input, something getting on for 90 watts, if I remember correctly from the spec plate on the rear panel. When you switched it on, the streetlights would dim. That’s how addicted to electric it was.

And on Sunday it breathed its last, not long before the repeat showing of Gardeners’ World, although that may be just a coincidence.

We put it out for garbage disposal to collect. They’re due to pick it up next week. Hope they remember to bend their knees and lift it properly; otherwise they’ll certainly ‘know about it’ 🙂

Since Sunday, we’ve been using our dinky little 21″ Toshiba. It’s a much less intimidating size. Even Jeremy Paxman isn’t too scary on it.

Later this week we hope to take delivery of one of those new flat-screen jobbies. Not a plasma or anything like that. But a high-definition model with a much better energy rating. According to Shana, who was reading some of the details about the new tv, we have the option to mount it on the wall. When I threatened to have my drill and some strong brackets on standby though, we decided it might be best to place it on a stand. After all, this is a 1950s/1960s house, so the walls are only made of papier mache, aren’t they? I think a stand would be far safer all round.


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