Hurrah for the new Wafflebox!

Following the sad demise of our old Wafflebox, we bought a new one. Now, I’ll admit I’m no techno-geek or one of those ‘early adopters’, the sort of person who has to have the latest gadget as soon as it hits the stores. (I got my first CD player a mere decade after the little silver discs had first come onto the market, and still clung to the tried and trusted music cassette format for some time after that.)

New tellies are, though, a big improvement on the old ones. Most notable was that our new set weights only 4.5kg, so I could carry the box one-handed (with only my little finger if need be) instead of needing a forklift truck as with the old Quintrix.

Jeremy Paxman, by the way, is no more scary in HD (high definition) than he was in standard definition (the only definition definitely available on the old Wafflebox). But somehow, University Challenge questions do seem a wee bit tougher. Is it the telly, I wonder? Or shall I just blame encroaching senility?

We also have something called ‘On Demand’ television for certain programmes where, for example, you thought it was Wednesday but it was really Tuesday because you turned the listings page too quick, and now you’ve nmissed the umpteenth re-run of Phil Spencer, Secret Agent and must not risk missing it again. ‘On Demand’ lets you see what you would have missed (another of Phil’s magnolia makeovers, in this case) and is thus a boon to forgetful viewers like us.

Alas, it is not possible to demand (or even politely request) that any changes be made to the outfits worn by the otherwise excellent Fiona Bruce’ on Antiques Roadshow. Any more fussy little sleeves or Peter Pan collars, and I think I’ll thkweam!


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